Why Dream Blossom Grow?

Dream Blossom Grow was built upon

a concern and a dream.

Have you ever struggled with a problem in your life, and felt ashamed to ask for help because you though that you should already know the solution by now? – everybody seems to have it all figured it out, right?

We spend so much time struggling with adulting related problems on our own when I bet we could solve them with ease if we were open to sharing our tips with others. From losing a relative to wanting to own a house and not knowing how to save up, and networking for the first time… we all go through it.  So why not share these experiences with each other? Judgment free, with the sole purpose to help each other out?

Did you know that according to this Nerdwallet study the average household debt in the United States as of Dec.2016 was $16,748?  This equals out to be $779 billion worth of credit card debt altogether. Now, I am no psychic but I predict that if we were better taught how to handle our money, this number would not be so high.

Speaking of Debt, did you know that 60% of graduating students graduate with debt? I bet the percentage would shrink a lot of Students were aware and knew what to do to attain some of the  $49.3 billion dollars worth of scholarships available to them.

There is a flaw in our education system.

We are taught the Pythagorean Theorem, photosynthesis, Newton’s Law of Motion, but yet we learn nothing about our credit score, how to evaluate loans or how to make a good impression at a job interview.

So since it would take a lot to change the way we are taught (it has been the same since the Industrial Revolution), I figured that we need to take learning into our own hands!

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